Monday, July 21, 2008

Montgomery College Dinner Theater

Well Friday night I had the pleasure of going to see Beauty and the Beast at my local college. Not only do they put on a rather impressive production, but they also provide a meal before the play.

The food was arranged in two rows in a buffet style. Salad is first in line, but you might want to consider coming back with a second plate for your main course as I had a bit of trouble juggling two plates while serving myself food. The dressings were nothing to write home about, but were not bad. They were definitely not freshly made, but at least the salad itself had no brown lettuce to speak of and all of the ingredients seemed quite fresh. There was plenty to choose, from tomatoes to cucumbers to cheddar cheese, all the basics were accounted for.

The next part of the buffet was the side dishes. There were diced potatoes, Julianne rice, and barbecue chicken tenders. All of the sides were quite tasty, especially the chicken tenders. The ingredients were all quite fresh and had a good flavor. Another guest at our table made the observation that almost everything needed a little salt. I prefer not enough to too much, so this was acceptable to me.

The main course was beef, turkey, sliced ham, and then horseradish sauce and gravy to go with them. The roast beef had a wonderful flavor, but was a bit tough. The turkey was fantastic and had just the right amount of seasoning to not need anything. The sauces were all terrific and added a lot of punch to the meats.

There were two desserts offered by our waiter, the brownie with cherries, or the yellow cake. I highly recommend the cake over the brownie. The brownie was dry and bitter, almost as if it were a dark chocolate brownie and the cherries were out of a can and were a bit strong for me. The cake however, was soft and moist and had a wonderful flavor with the strawberries. Only one person ordered that, but everyone at the table was tasting it and we had to order another one.

All in all, this would make an excellent date activity. The room is perfect for conversation before the play starts. The seats are comfortable at first, but unfortunately about halfway through the play my back was starting to ache. Additional drinks such as coffee, tea, and fruit smoothies are offered during intermission but if you don't mind missing that, it's a good chance to get up and walk around a bit to stretch out.

All in all the play was fantastic, and the food was very good. I highly recommend it as a fun date activity. Prices seem a little high at $37 per person for adults, and $27 for children but when you consider the food and the play, it is still reasonable.

For ticket purchasing, showtime information and directions check out their website:

Montgomery College Theater Website

Montgomery College Theater Arts Building (TA)
51 Mannakee Street, Rockville MD 20850

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